Through Sunday, October 6

The VIA Music & New Media Festival is back and better than ever in Pittsburgh, marking its fourth year with 50 artists (from 8 different countries), 13 events and 8 venues. The most expansive VIA Festival to date, it will run through Sunday, October 6. Check out the VIA Festival 2013′s website for a full list of events, venues and all other details.

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PLUS – read some great reasons as to why you should attend the VIA Festival 2013 on both Pop City Media and Huffington Post.

Example: Huffington Post’s #9 reason:

You can become an avatar.

at a 3D scanning station at TechShop—a community-based workshop and prototyping studio—where their faces/body parts will be scanned and rendered live to be incorporated into the video mix on the main stage. Files will be available for download after the fest as little digital mementos. There’s even a raffle so you can win a 3D print of your own head.

A collaboration between VIA, TechShop, CMU Expanded Theater students and a selection of new media artists like LaTurbo Avedon (an artist that exists only as an avatar), Kevin Ramser and Ben Tabas, the project is called h3D Space (Head Space) and is “VIA’s most ambitious and all-encompassing visual arts project to date,” sewing together curated, live and crowd-sourced visuals.

Read the full article - 9 Reasons You Should Experience VIA Festival in Pittsburgh on Huffington Post.

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